Sunday, May 20, 2012

Embellished Cutoffs

I came across another cast off in the donation bag of el hombre.  This time a stained up pair of jeans.  I found these  pretty shorts for inspiration for 381 Euros (yikes!) and these destroyed cutoffs for $180 (seriously?!).  The bottom cuffs of el hombres jeans were destroyed, and the area on the front by the pockets are grimy.  The waist on these is a little big for me, but I figured, I can always wear a belt, or continue drinking copious amounts of beer and fill them out.  I chopped them off and did a zig-zag stitch around the bottom so they wouldn't disappear in the wash.
Easy.  The pocket areas are still a little grimy so I busted out a spray bottle of bleach and did a little acid wash flashback to the 80s style, and threw them in the wash.

I knew I wanted to jazz them up a little, so I found these t-shirts that were beyond help.  Stretched out and stained, but they had some neat embroidery that I thought I could salvage.

So I painstakingly cutout the flowers from the shirts, and pinned them to the pocket areas of the shorts (not even bleach could help some of the yuck).  I used a hot pink thread and a fancy decorative stitch to attach them.  My ability to sew straight is limited, so I opted to do a crazy pattern versus trying to sew around the flowers.

Kinda funky, huh?  And according to some rough calculations I just saved a couple of hundred dollars, at least ;)

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